New crop honey on sale: Ukraine, India and more

New honey season commences.  Please see below what is currently on sale and what trends may look like.

Honey from Ukraine

Rapeseed 10+ FCL (full container load, ~ 20 metric tons) available at CFR $3550/MT and Acacia 2+ FCL at CFR $5350/MT at the port of Philadelphia. See details at the picture below:

Large scale 2015 honey supply from Ukraine

Large scale 2015 honey supply from Ukraine

Polyfloral honey from Ukraine is on sale at CFR $3450/MT at Canadian and/or US ports. A container (1 FCL) or more is available on monthly basis.

Honey from India and China

Acacia from India available from UAE, port of Dubai at FOB $5800/MT (color 10 mm Pfund; moisture 18%; HMF 6 mg/Kg).

indian acacia honey

Polyfloral honey from India (color <55 mm Pfund) at a descent price of CFR $3250/MT delivered at any US and/or Canadian ports. Up to 10 FCL are available for shipping to your destination.

A special offer for the US and Canadian buyers: ~30 FCL of good quality polyfloral honey (color 35 mm Pfund  Color of the honey) available from warehouses in New Jersey. The honey is of Chinese origin but it is accompanied by Intertek analyses and it has been released by the US CBP and FDA for the US markets. The first 4 FCL are going urgently at EXW $2300/MT from New Jersey. The rest 26 FCL may go at as low as $2800/MT at your destination port.

Please keep in mind that prices and amounts available are subject to change.

Honey import on sale

Prices for honey import

Top prices (not average ones) for import of honey into the USA were notably higher in September than in August:

Prices for honey import_August 2014Prices on honey import in Sep 2014Typically, honeys from South America are the most expensive whereas Ukraine and Vietnam supply less expensive honeys. However due to generally lower harvest output this season, especially on acacia honey, the trend to price increase is expected to sustain.

Please consider below a variety of honeys we can currently offer for competitive prices. Again, acacia honey is very scarce this year and what is left goes at premium price range.

Acacia honey from location in the US

European origin (Romania), at EXW $3.32/pound ($7.32/Kg); 12 drums 290 Kg each

Acacia honey in bulkUSDA Organic (Ukraine) from location in the US USDA Organic honey

Jarred and bulk acacia honeys –       Sunflower, 45 mm Pfund, in 62 lbs buckets and in 200 L drums;

–       Acacia,13 mm Pfund, in 200 L drums;

–       Buckwheat, 98 mm Pfund, in 200 L drums;

–       Linden, 50 mm Pfund, in 200 L drums;

–       Polyfloral at CFR $4190/MT ($1.90/pound) at US ports.

62 Lbs pail of honey

Organic White Canadian honey

Organic Canadian Honey18 mm Pfund, 200 MT, 1FCL monthly at EXW $2.50/pound ($5.51/Kg), located in Canada;

Canadian Organic honeySpecs for Organic Canadian honey

Polyfloral honey from Ukraine

45 – 55 mm Pfund at FOB $3575/MT at port of Odessa Ukraine

Specs for Ukrainian honeyPolyfloral honey  from Ukraine

40 – 44 mm Pfund 2FCL ready to go at CFR $3500/MT ($1.59/pound) at US ports; certificates available.

Samples of UKR PolyfloralSpecs for Ukrainian honey_Polyfloral honey from Thailand

41 mm Pfund at CFR $3000/MT ($1.36/pound) at US ports; certificates available. Located in Germany.

Sample of Thai PolyfloralThai honey specsPolyfloral and Lychee honeys from India at CFR $3375/MT

Please note that CFR means price upon delivery to a destination port. Certificates of quality and analyses are available. Color is in the range of 25 – 50 mm Pfund.

Polyfloral and Lychee honey from India

Polyfloral and Lychee honeys from India

Specs for honey from India (2)Manuka honey supply from New Zealand

UMF manukaActive manuka honey of desirable activity of UMF +5, +20, etc., is available upon request from over 50 licensed suppliers in NZ. Also, blended manuka packed in 200 L barrels is available in large volumes at CFR $20/Kg at destination ports.

Please let us know if you are interested in any of the above opportunities. Prices and supply available are subject to change.

Honey on sale in bulk

Prices for US import: August 2014 Update

Between June and July 2014 prices for honey import in the USA did not change too much staying relatively high. However, data on import from Ukraine are absent in the USDA report of July. Prices for honey from Argentina look a little lower ($1.83 – $1.88 per pound; i.e. $4.03 – $4.14 per Kg) while India and Vietnam were able to keep about the same low prices as before (see picture below).

Prices paid for US import_JHowever, in August, the prices underwent significant growth of some 6% for Vietnam, 11% for Argentina and 17% for honey from India. Honey from Ukraine also came at some 10% higher price than back in May.

Prices paid for US import_August 2014Presently we have honey on sale from a number of countries below. As usual, prices are a subject to change at any time.

Honey for sale in bulkHoney from Ukraine

We presently have a supply of freshly collected 2014 Polyfloral honey from Ukraine (ELA, 45 – 55 mm Pfund; moisture 17.5 – 18.5%). This honey is for sale at CFR price (delivery to destination port included) $3600 – $3880 per ton ($1.63 to $1.76/pound) depending on destination and volume. We also have a variety of USDA Organic and Kosher certified honeys on sale.

UA Global_USDA Organic (2)

USDA-NOP Organic honey certificate

Certificates of analyses issued by QSI GmbH (Germany) are available.

Honey from Russia

Polyfloral (ELA, ~ 50 – 60 mm Pfund), Buckwheat, Linden, Rapeseed and Sunflower. Russian honey in general is notably stronger in flavor and aroma. Typically it is characterized by high diastase numbers, high antioxidant and healing activities. Prices are in the range of CFR $3200 – $3400 ($1.45 – $1.54/pound). Perfect honey for table and ingredient purposes. Confirmed supply is 40 tons monthly.

Honey from India

Polyfloral (ELA, < 50 mm Pfund). Price is in the range of CFR $3300 – $3360 depending on destination. Lower prices are possible at higher purchase volumes of some two 20 foot containers monthly. Please see an example of COA from Intertek for the honey below. Perfect honey for table and ingredient purposes. Confirmed supply is 500 tons monthly.

An example of pollen analysis_IndiaHoney from Vietnam

EU CERTIFIED Polyforal honey (LA, ~ 75 – 80 mm Pfund), COAs from Intertek (Germany). Perfect honey for ingredient purposes. CFR price which includes delivery to the USA/Canada ports is $3000 per ton ($1.36 per pound). This honey will be available starting from February 2015 the amount up to 1000 tons annually. Supply of 40-60 tons monthly is possible.

Vietnam honey_apiaryHACCP Certificate_Vietnam honeyThe honeys are located in the countries of origin. If you have any interest please let us know. We are opened for all discussions on prices and payment terms. Prices and supply volumes are subject to change.

Bashkir honey

Bashkir honey is harvested in the area of Outstanding Universal Value of Bashkir Ural which is recognized as a World Heritage by UNESCO.

Bashkir apiaryThe area of Bashkir Ural

The natural and cultural complex “Bashkir Ural” is located on the western slope of the Southern Ural Mountains within the limits of the mountain forest zone of Bashkortostan. “Bashkir Ural” occupies the territory of approximately 45 thousand hectares (450 km2). The main part of the complex “Bashkir Ural” is slightly affected by the man-induced changes (the standard residential population density makes up 2.3 people per square meter) and consists of a specifically protected state wilderness area “Shulgan-Tash” and a part of a state entomological wildlife reserve “Altyn Solok”.

Bashkir forestThe eastern part of the complex “Bashkir Ural” is located at the junction of two massive wood biomes of European-type broadleaved forests and light-coniferous and Siberia-type parvifolia hemi boreal forests with grass layer. About 90% of the complex territory is covered with woods.

Ancient way of Bashkir honey collection

Ancient way of Bashkir honey collection

The land area of “Bashkir Ural” comprises a high diversity of wild landscapes: mountain rivers gorges, plateau-like areas, steep-sloped ranges, bottom-lands and water storage basins. Low anthropogenic effect, variety of land forms within the complex territory and the convergence of European and Siberian flora and fauna assemblages made conditions for a particularly high biodiversity of the complex. All of the above mentioned points have, in its turn, been making the given area attractive for a man to live since ancient times and defined the natural management culture and traditions.

Wild honey collection

Wild honey collection

The territory of the natural and cultural complex has represented a model of balanced interaction with nature practically ever since the time of its first human habitation. Basically, such types of minor forest products harvesting as livestock grazing, haying, wild harvesting and hunt were developed. The terrain of the natural and cultural complex presents itself as a site, preserving a unique ancient craft of the Bashkir people wild-hive beekeeping, being an outstanding example of human-environmental interaction. Wild-hive beekeeping originated within the territory of the present-day Bashkortostan about one and a half thousand years ago. All the stages of beekeeping craft development can be viewed within the complex; Bashkir honey, produced by the Burzyan wild-hive bee, is acknowledged to be the best in the world in the view of its taste and the set of trace elements.

Nectar sources of Bashkir honey


Flowers of Bashkir steppe

Flowers of Bashkir steppe

Notable for its beautiful amber, golden-amber and light amber colors, polyfloral Bashkir honey is characterized by aromatic flavor with a hint of emanation from meadow flowers such as dandelion, thyme,clover, alfalfa, sage, galium,yellow melilot and many others. The honey gives rich mouthfeel with attached pleasant aftertaste that satisfy everyone who is looking for unaltered gifts of Mother Nature.


Bashkir linden

Bashkir linden

Bashkiria is especially known for its linden honey. The fact is that in Bashkortostan there is zone of growing area of linden trees which extends on the territory of neighboring Chuvashia, Tatarstan where ubiquitous clean linden tree forests grow. Specifically in Bashkortostan it is located about 35% of all Russian linden trees! It is where the bees can collect pure white monofloral honey of special quality and outstanding properties. Flavor of honey reflects the richness of nature that belongs to this wonderful land. Linden honey is resistant to crystallization.


Small-leaved Linden

Small-leaved linden

Small-leaved linden

This tree (tilia cordata) is primary nectar source in Bashkir forest which gives up to 70 – 80% of marketable honey. In Bashkortostan,forest area with its predominance covers 933 hectares i.e. 17% of the forests of the country. Particularly high nectar producers are old-growth forests of linden trees. Nectar collection from this honey plant in a time characterized by great intensity but is not prolonged:only 10 to 15 days.

Accumulation of nectar in a hive begins with small weight gain of 0.5 – 0.7 kg then increases rapidly and at the height of bloom of a mid-size linden array reaches 5 – 8 kg or more then the weight gains are plummeting. The weather conditions during the linden bloom significantly affect the duration and intensity of nectar production by the flowers.

One hectare of linden tree in blooming time has 15 -17 million flowers that produce up to 500 – 700 kg elixir-like nectar.


Bashkir willow

Bashkir willow

Willow family is very large. In the spring forest goat willow (sálix cáprea) starts blooming first. It grows as a large separate tree blooming for 8 -12 days before leaves to unfold in late April to early May. Harvesting honey from goat willow gives life impetus to bees for the month of May but maple, willow and oak altogether give impulse to bee colonies to grow at an optimal rate. Hence, bees grown at that time constitute the main force of their decisive reproductive capacities for the whole season.

Bashkir maple

Bashkir maple

Norway maple

It blooms in the middle of May for 8-10days before leafing.

Bashkir oak

Bashkir oak


Oak often grows in a mixed forest in all forest areas west of the Urals and in the Urals. It blossoms in the second half of May to give the bees nectar.

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