New crop honey on sale: Ukraine, India and more

New honey season commences.  Please see below what is currently on sale and what trends may look like.

Honey from Ukraine

Rapeseed 10+ FCL (full container load, ~ 20 metric tons) available at CFR $3550/MT and Acacia 2+ FCL at CFR $5350/MT at the port of Philadelphia. See details at the picture below:

Large scale 2015 honey supply from Ukraine

Large scale 2015 honey supply from Ukraine

Polyfloral honey from Ukraine is on sale at CFR $3450/MT at Canadian and/or US ports. A container (1 FCL) or more is available on monthly basis.

Honey from India and China

Acacia from India available from UAE, port of Dubai at FOB $5800/MT (color 10 mm Pfund; moisture 18%; HMF 6 mg/Kg).

indian acacia honey

Polyfloral honey from India (color <55 mm Pfund) at a descent price of CFR $3250/MT delivered at any US and/or Canadian ports. Up to 10 FCL are available for shipping to your destination.

A special offer for the US and Canadian buyers: ~30 FCL of good quality polyfloral honey (color 35 mm Pfund  Color of the honey) available from warehouses in New Jersey. The honey is of Chinese origin but it is accompanied by Intertek analyses and it has been released by the US CBP and FDA for the US markets. The first 4 FCL are going urgently at EXW $2300/MT from New Jersey. The rest 26 FCL may go at as low as $2800/MT at your destination port.

Please keep in mind that prices and amounts available are subject to change.

Honey import on sale

Prices for honey import

Top prices (not average ones) for import of honey into the USA were notably higher in September than in August:

Prices for honey import_August 2014Prices on honey import in Sep 2014Typically, honeys from South America are the most expensive whereas Ukraine and Vietnam supply less expensive honeys. However due to generally lower harvest output this season, especially on acacia honey, the trend to price increase is expected to sustain.

Please consider below a variety of honeys we can currently offer for competitive prices. Again, acacia honey is very scarce this year and what is left goes at premium price range.

Acacia honey from location in the US

European origin (Romania), at EXW $3.32/pound ($7.32/Kg); 12 drums 290 Kg each

Acacia honey in bulkUSDA Organic (Ukraine) from location in the US USDA Organic honey

Jarred and bulk acacia honeys –       Sunflower, 45 mm Pfund, in 62 lbs buckets and in 200 L drums;

–       Acacia,13 mm Pfund, in 200 L drums;

–       Buckwheat, 98 mm Pfund, in 200 L drums;

–       Linden, 50 mm Pfund, in 200 L drums;

–       Polyfloral at CFR $4190/MT ($1.90/pound) at US ports.

62 Lbs pail of honey

Organic White Canadian honey

Organic Canadian Honey18 mm Pfund, 200 MT, 1FCL monthly at EXW $2.50/pound ($5.51/Kg), located in Canada;

Canadian Organic honeySpecs for Organic Canadian honey

Polyfloral honey from Ukraine

45 – 55 mm Pfund at FOB $3575/MT at port of Odessa Ukraine

Specs for Ukrainian honeyPolyfloral honey  from Ukraine

40 – 44 mm Pfund 2FCL ready to go at CFR $3500/MT ($1.59/pound) at US ports; certificates available.

Samples of UKR PolyfloralSpecs for Ukrainian honey_Polyfloral honey from Thailand

41 mm Pfund at CFR $3000/MT ($1.36/pound) at US ports; certificates available. Located in Germany.

Sample of Thai PolyfloralThai honey specsPolyfloral and Lychee honeys from India at CFR $3375/MT

Please note that CFR means price upon delivery to a destination port. Certificates of quality and analyses are available. Color is in the range of 25 – 50 mm Pfund.

Polyfloral and Lychee honey from India

Polyfloral and Lychee honeys from India

Specs for honey from India (2)Manuka honey supply from New Zealand

UMF manukaActive manuka honey of desirable activity of UMF +5, +20, etc., is available upon request from over 50 licensed suppliers in NZ. Also, blended manuka packed in 200 L barrels is available in large volumes at CFR $20/Kg at destination ports.

Please let us know if you are interested in any of the above opportunities. Prices and supply available are subject to change.