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Welcome UA Global, Inc. (New Jersey)

UA Global, Inc.,

Welcome UA Global, Inc.,

Uag global importsUkraine America Global (dba UAG Co. LLC.) was founded in the year 2000. UAG wanted to improve the import and export between the large nations of the United States and Ukraine. During this time we succeeded in establishing and maintaining a positive working relationship between many different companies throughout both countries. UAG has been very effective in obtaining and supplying the consumer with all the different products from these two vast areas.

With change in consumer demand, we have created a new division UA Global Inc. Uag global importswith the sole purpose of providing the highest quality natural food products available, that do not contain GMOs and preservatives. It became apparent as UA Global began its research that people were consuming unhealthy and dangerous foods that contained genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as well as toxic quantities of unnatural preservatives that do nothing more than destroy the human body. It is our company’s mission to provide the highest quality products available that do not contain GMOs and preservatives.

Organic foods are foods that are produced using methods of organic farming – that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic foods are also not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food additives. The organic farming movement arose in the 1940s in response to the industrialization of agriculture known as the Green Revolution.

Organic food production is a heavily regulated industry, distinct from private gardening. Currently, the European Union, the United States, Canada, Japan and many other countries require producers to obtain special certification in order to market food as organic within their borders. In the context of these regulations, organic food is food produced in a way that complies with organic standards set by national governments and international organizations.

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Weil Farms is located in Punta Gorda, FL, North Stonington, CT and Fishers Island, NY. Our honey bees work year round to stay healthy and happy, producing the finest honey in the world. In the winter, we send our bees up to Florida, where they pollinate the orange groves, saw palmetto palms, gallberry plants, tupelo trees, wild mangroves, and brazilian pepper bushes, as well as local fruits and vegetables. In early spring our honey bees return to New England to pollinate local fruit orchards, organic vegetable farms, and wild flowers all over Connecticut and Fishers Island, New York. All of our honey, royal jelly, bee pollen and maple syrup products are natural, and many are raw and organic.

We do not charge handling fees. We offer a choice between UPS and USPS. Most orders are packed and ready for shipping in 1-4 days.

Honey Pacifica (Los Angeles, CA)

Honey PacificaSince 1978 Honey Pacifica has worked in the raw honey business giving us the knowledge to get you the highest quality raw honey available. In order to preserve the delicate flavors of the raw honey we make each flavor ourselves. We drive our bees to various bee sites (aka: apiaries) located throughout sunny Southern California. The bees will fly for miles finding the blooms and bringing the nectar back to the hive. The flavor of the honey depends on the nectars blooming at that particular time. When the hives are full of honey, we truck them back to the Honey Pacifica warehouse in Long Beach. There, we run the frames through an extracting machine which slices all the honey filled wax off the frames, which then flows into the barrels. After the wax and other raw particles float to the top, we skim them off. What is left is raw, unheated, unfiltered honey.

Honey Pacifica was originally began by Nick Poto, when a friend offered him a swarm. He and his sons Frank and John put in their backyard for a fun experiment. 25 years later, and we’re still making honey. Nick continues to own Honey Pacifica while John manages and Frank handles accounts. All work is done by the help of friends and family. We are located at 4208 Pepperwood Ave. in Long Beach, California; right where the business began.

We sell directly to our customers at various Farmers’ Markets throughout Southern California. We are proud to be featured at various Whole Foods markets in Southern California as well.

Honey Pacifica Presents:The Beekeeper’s Life

  • Nick Poto

    Nick PotoNick Poto, Founder

  • The Honey Pacifica Family

    Meet The Honey Pacifica Family At The Farmers Market.

  • The Apiary

    At Work On The Apiary

  • Ishmael the Master Honeyman

    Ishmael the Master Honeyman


2 thoughts on “Honey Producers

  1. Hello,
    We will be launching a new European honey beer and we are looking for about 1,000-2,000 pounds of European honey.

    Do you sell European honey? How is it packages? What is the price?

    Thank you.

    • Hello!
      We are a producer of honey in Ukraine.
      We offer you high quality medical grade “Sunflower”.
      Our volume of production of honey are as follows: 100 – 130 tonnes per season.
      Denis Drognzhnin

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